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Great Pretender (Jamie Blackett Cover)


Say You Won't Let Go - James Arthur (Jamie Blackett Cover)

This is my first live - onecut Cover :)


Cold Water Major Lazer ft.Justin Bieber (Cover by Jamie Black)


Jamica bei Mieten - Kaufen - Wohnen



Kapitel 2 from 0:11:52 Jamica unplugged Song


Von der Casting Show ins Tonstudio: Jamica Blackett rockt Lüneburg

Viodeoclip von LZ Online

Jamica Blackett - Stay with me (Cover)                                                                                15.02.2015

Jamica Blackett – “the Voice Kids 2014” Finalistin “Eiserner Steg” Cover (Philip Poisel)

Hier ist euer versprochenes Cover, mal wieder was deutsches, freu mich auf eure views.. 

Here is your promised Cover, what German again, 'm looking forward to your views ..


Jamica Blackett – Cover Philip Poisel „Eiserner Steg“ -Lyric Translation
For all the fans who can not German, Lyrics on German / English / Portuguese / Spanish / French / Tagalog
For the French Translation thanks to Luna
Eiserner Steg-Lyric Translation.pdf
PDF-Dokument [158.7 KB]

07.06.2014 Jamica live on Stage Oberhausen

Live Video Oberhausen - She keeps me warm

Live Video Oberhausen - Talkin´bout a Revolution

Live Video Oberhausen - Lose yourself

Sat 1 - the Voice Kids 2014

Best of Jamica

09.05.2014 - Finale

02.05.2104 - Battle

28.03.2014 - Blind Audition Song


"She keeps me warm" Volle Länge (8:48), mit Ständchen bringenden Coaches + mit der Mama die ausflippt :)

Jamica Blackett - The Voice Kids 2014 - Blind... von JamieBlackFanbase

Feedback - Mary Lambert

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